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Glenn Spencer is Understandably Concerned About His Defensive Tackles



Oklahoma State has an interior defensive line problem now that Vili Leveni is out for the season. That’s no secret. The question is “how big is the problem?”

Glenn Spencer doesn’t seem to think it’s small. Although, I’m pretty sure Glenn Spencer could figure out a way to talk down Aaron Rodgers’ arm.

“It’s not great in the inside,” said Spencer on Wednesday. “It’s going to be watched close to see who’s going to be able to play in a game. Those guys are going to have to play with some injury and pain.

“I’ve got a few more guys on the outside, but really after the first group with Jimmy and Emmanuel, we’ve got a lot of guys that haven’t played before either. That’s what all these practices are for, to try to establish some depth.

“As many players as we can get on the bus that are the right players, that’s what we’ve got to do. It might not be many. That’s just the way it is.”

I do wonder if one of those players will be Darrion Daniels. Or Taaj Bakari. Or maybe Ben Hughes. It will be interesting to see who’s on the bus come September 3. We have a month to find out.

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