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Gruden and Weeden



I watched the Gruden/Weeden ESPN special last night for the first time. Here are some of my favorite quotes and moments.

Weeden: “The guy’s a nut.”

Gruden is bizarre, he looks like he’s gained weight and hasn’t slept since the second half of the 2003 Super Bowl.

The baseball stuff was SO weird. Why did the grim reaper make an appearance??

Gruden: “I’m not a statistician but the numbers you put up at Oklahoma State…it’s sickening.”

Speaking of sickening, how dirty was the one handed twisting catch from Blackmon at the Alamo Bowl?

Here’s a pretty funny clip of Gruden mocking Weeden’s snap count…

Gruden: “Is this Burt Reynolds your mascot? You go 12-1 and you got Burt Reynolds at your games every week!”

Gruden: “You’re wearing a shield, is that to protect your old eyes?”

Gruden: “You’re not throwing with the laces are you?” Weeden: “No, never.”

Watching Gruden you could tell me “that guy is the smartest person in football history” and “that guy takes medicine and attended special classes as a high schooler” and I’d absolutely believe both.

Case in point…

I love that Gruden calls him “Weeds’ like they’ve been boys for 15 years or something.

Gruden: “If I buzz the flat, I want the stick. If I squeeze the stick, I want the flat.” Oh.

This might have been my favorite part…

Gruden seriously can’t let the baseball thing go, it’s kind of bizarre…

The Iowa State portion of the show was really interesting. It was fascinating to take a dive into Weeden’s mind and to listen to Gruden walk him through it, really strange, intriguing stuff.

I loved the “especially this game” jab at Baylor from Weeden after Gruden said the ROTC guy doing pushups looked exhausted. Solid.

Weeden: “I can win some football games. I can be 28 and all that other…all that other jazz but I win football games.” He wanted to say something other than “jazz” here REALLY badly.

Overall, a great performance from both parties. I haven’t seen the ones from Luck and Griffin but I’m sure both are terrific as well. One thing I really like about all three of those guys is how distinct each of their personalities is. And Gruden brings out the crazy in everybody.

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