Gundy, Holliday, Smith Talk Love for Oklahoma State

Written by Kyle Porter

Oklahoma State recently put together this video of Josh Holliday, Mike Gundy and John Smith talking about what’s great about Stillwater and the Cowboys. It’s equally good and humorous to hear Gundy try to read fluidly off a script.

The whole thing is worth a watch, though, and the football parts will get you fired up for this fall.

“This place is special, believe me, I know,” said Smith. “There’s just something about Oklahoma State,” added Gundy.

“You could say that people are what make this place special, and you’d be correct,” said Holliday. “But it goes beyond the people,” added Smith. “There’s something else about Stillwater that attracts greatness,” said Gundy.

  • PonchoPete

    Did Underwood narrate this video as well?

    • austinpoke

      LOL………..I see what you did there!
      Brad “Mr. Loyal and True” Underwood

  • StillOriginal

    Dope footage

  • Alum in AZ

    This was really good.

  • Tomball Poke

    Figured Fowler would be in a few shots….did I miss him?