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Highlights of Gundy’s OU press conference

The best quotes from Mike Gundy’s session with the media on Monday.



That hair!!

0:29“We got all the players back from the break.” Well crap, I’m glad we didn’t lose one.

0:55“When you have some time off everybody enjoys it.” Translation: “I hate our schedule.”

2:29 — He keeps talking about how disappointed he was in himself for the WVU game. How much money would Berry Tramel have to pay him to say he blew the Chelf/Walsh decision? $2 million? More?

4:08“Coaching is like parenting. You give a 16-year-old a set of car keys and hope that he follows the rules and that he doesn’t text message when he’s driving.” I’m guessing Calvin Barnett is the text message in this metaphor.

5:20“We were very poor up front in our blocking [at WVU].” This is true, and it’s not talked about enough how much better OSU has been, probably.

6:10 — You can set your calendar by Robert Allen asking Gundy a question about when he played QB in Bedlam.

7:25 — On OU: “They run well..on defense.” Hah.

8:30“Oklahoma State has come a long way in football.” No kidding. “Our goal nine and a half years ago was to, on a daily basis, when we play a football game, to have a chance to win. I think we’re at that point.”

9:25 “You’re allowed one slip up but after that chances are you can’t win your conference.” I’ve always been a “we have to have a playoff” guy but these last few weeks have made me take pause. I’m still all-in on a playoff but…

10:35“Our goal is to win our conference.” 

11:15“These are all big games but if in 10 years the guys that are playing for us aren’t productive out there in society, then we failed them, I failed them. It’s like your own children.” SI five-part series?

12:15 — The way Gundy says “Bob” destroys me. “Bawb.”

12:50 — A female asks a QB question. Hide your kids, wives, dogs, et al.

13:30“I think our best team was years ago before the 2010 team when we didn’t win the conference.” Huh? First of all, it wasn’t even the 2010 team that won the conference. Second, I have no idea which year he’s talking about.

13:50“An 8-9 win team vs. a 11-12 team is a lot of times based on the players and how they respond to winning, to adversity, and if they really care about each other.” And a good QB.

14:10“There’s a real fine line there between an 8-win season and a 10-11 win season.” This is true.

15:10 “We would try to prepare and hope that we win every game but history in college football tells us that’s probably not going to happen. So you’re going to lose some games you think you could have won.” It’s so, so difficult to go 12-0. See: Bama, Ala.

15:40 — Gundy is not the Weather Channel fan Nick Saban is.

18:05 — On the QB decision “Either way it’s gonna get worked for ya and against ya.” Do what?!

19:12 — “I think this is a great job.” /saves, files away for Dec. 29 rumors of Gundy2Texas.

20:32 — Gundy implies that only once in the last 15 years did anyone know who was going to win Bedlam and that it was a game in Norman. Oh.

20:36 — On the seniors: “It’s a special group. They’ve set the standard. There will be very few that will have a chance to do this for a living. On Gameday on The Walk we see all the knuckleheads who played here.”

24:50“We had a very good chance to win [1988 Bedlam] and a guy dropped a pass. I wouldn’t have thrown it if I didn’t think he could catch it.” A guy.

25:51“We lost 84 and 85 and 18 for four or five weeks.” <3 <3 <3

26:52“A lot of times I forget [my brother] is even over there.” Part of me wonders if Gundy sometimes forgets he even has a brother.

28:20“Our players feel like if we play well and take care of the football they can beat anybody we play.” Roll Tide.

28:45“I certainly don’t see it as a hated rivalry. I guess I could say that to make people feel good.” I’m not sure I do either. I don’t like OU, by any means, but I’m not sure I hate it anymore either.

29:32 — On whether or not OSU practices the FG return from the Iron Bowl: “It’s a discussion we had.”

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