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Okay, so we all know OSU was good at football this year and not very good at basketball. But I was curious, how did our finish in each sport stack up historically? Heck, how did the way everybody finished in each sport stack up historically?

So I did a little digging and compiled each team’s average Big 12 finish since its inception in 1996. There are a few hiccups in the data – most notably that only 10 of the original 12 teams remain and also that if you tied for a spot in the standings I gave each team that spot (ex: Texas and Kansas tied for the Big 12 hoops title in 07-08 so they each got a “1”). However, overall, I feel pretty good about it.

Let’s take a look at football first:

What this tells me is that Baylor and OSU both experienced WAY above average seasons and OU, for all their “Landry Jones might be worse than Paul Thompson!” rhetoric, actually finished at the spot they’ve averaged over the last 14 years: 3rd.

It was actually Texas Tech (and to a lesser extent, Texas) who had the way-worse-than-normal season.

Here’s how basketball looked:

How scary is the number under Kansas’ average finish in the Big 12? The truth is that it was more like 1.4 or 1.3 but I took the liberty of rounding all of these to whole numbers so nobody was having to bust out a TI-83 while reading.

Here’s how the conference looked when you combine football and hoops, numbers are all aggregated (so Baylor’s “6” represents a third-place finish in football and a third=place finish in hoops):

It’s interesting to me that Iowa State’s average combined finish (16) is so low. It feels like they’ve had a better program than that over the last decade and a half. Kansas State, Mizzou, and OSU have all had above average years in football and hoops and, as noted by many, Baylor has had a run surpassing all their other runs (granted, many of those were runs on the L column, but still).

Your thoughts?

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