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Howie Mandel Endorses Chuba Hubbard as Heisman

Alrighty then!



If you had “Howie Mandel endorses fellow Canadian Chuba Hubbard as Heisman contender” among one of your 2019 preseason predictions, then congratulations, your ticket just cashed!

You might know Mandel from Deal or No Deal or from America’s Got Talent or, perhaps, as that bald guy with the gizmo glasses. Because same.

Either way, Mandel’s endorsement matters. He’s got 822K followers on Twitter, a reported net worth of $40 million, and a lot of friends (presumably) in high places. Nevermind that he over-pronunciated Chewba Hubbbbbbard, Howie’s seal of approval is a win for OSU’s campaign for Hubbard’s Heisman candidacy as it continues to scoot along into November.

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