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In the way of #1 – LSU



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Welcome to a new series on what must take place for Oklahoma State to reach #1 in the polls this year. Who must win in order for the Cowboys to sit atop the college football world?

Here’s your full fan’s guide to who OSU fans should be rooting for this season.

We’ve looked at Texas A&M, Boise St.,Stanford, and Florida St. so far and now we’re going to Death Valley to see what the Mad Hatter has for us.

And speaking of the Hatter, he’s about to pull a Eddie Sutton memorial “we are gathering all the information and will hander this matter internally” move with Jordan Jefferson for the Oregon game on September 3rd before miraculously having all the necessary facts by Monday the 5th and harshly benching Jefferson and three other accomplices for the Northwestern State game destruction at Tiger Stadium. I mean does anyone believe this isn’t going to happen?

Even if it doesn’t, I think they handle Oregon. As Andy Staples put it on Twitter yesterday…it’s not exactly like QB was a position of strength for them going into the year.

This also marks the second “OSU is definitely moving ahead of one of these teams in the polls” games we’ve looked at. Let’s say LSU beats Oregon and OU takes care of Florida State. As long as OSU handles UL-LA, Arizona, and Tulsa they will be sitting at #6 in the coaches poll and #7 in the AP headed to College Station.

Anyway, after the NW State massacre LSU heads to Morgantown for the battle of former Oklahoma State coaches. If I set a BAC over/under for people at that game at say .1 how many people would you take for the under? 1,000? 1,500? Would we go as high as 4,000?

Next the Tigers come home for a brutal stretch of Kentucky and Florida in Baton Rouge, at Tennessee, Auburn at home, and at Alabama.

Lastly they get Western Kentucky at home, Ole Miss on the road, and Arkansas at home with the SEC Championship to follow.

As OSU fans we kind of have to be LSU fans as well. Here’s the thing, they aren’t going undefeated, I mean look at this slate. But we need them to beat the right teams. We need them to beat Oregon and Bama (who both have easy schedules) then lose a dumb game like Arkansas at home or West Virginia on the road.

I know you guys hate Les but at least he keeps things interesting and this year he could provide a clear shot at the #1 ranking for his former employer.

How worried I am:        (out of 10)

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