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Inside The Box Score: Iowa State



Let’s take a peek inside what turned out to be a very intriguing box score from last night…

1. Have a day, huh? Markel posted the most assists since Byron had 11 against Mercer in 2005 and tied Gottlieb for the second highest single game assist total in school history (Gottlieb also has the record with 12.

2. It was a pretty clean game throughout, something OSU is going to need more of with only seven (eight?) guys in the rotation.

3. This was the 35th time in school history OSU has had 21 assists in a game and the first since 2010. They haven’t had 22 in a game since 2006.

4. The only time OSU had topped 45% this year was against Langston (57%) until tonight. It’s not like they were all layups either. Keiton must have hit half a dozen shots of screens and LeBryan muscled up a few buckets just outside the lane that gave you a little gander at his prodigious talent. They worked hard to get in position for every shot and were rewarded with a great percentage.

5. This felt a LOT lower while I was watching the game.

6. White sat for the last 13 minutes of the first half and played all 20 of the second. I know he had 17 but it never really felt like he got in the flow.

7. This is the ratio LeBryan should be applying every game to his shot selection.

8. See, this is what happens when he doesn’t have to handle the rock.

9. How long can we sustain this?

10. Welcome to the club young Christien, welcome. Wipe your shoes at the door, Nolan Cox will take your coat, Jeff Johnson will get you a drink, Onye Ibekwe is grilling the burgers, and Scott Blakemore, Aaron Hill, Luke Byler, and Blaine Booher are playing cards in the kitchen. Have fun.

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