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Inside The Box Score: Kansas State



1. Page has only had five worse games in his career in which he took at least 10 shots. Four came last season (Depaul – 18%, Kansas – 18%, Texas Tech – 10%, Washington State – 23.1%) and one the year before in his sophomore season (Utah 22%). At least his season FT % went up!

2. OSU extended its streak of 371 straight games with a three pointer to 372 with a late one by Keiton. It was seriously in jeopardy for a while.

3. The lowest percentage since a home game against Iowa State on January 8, 2001 when OSU shot 0% on 0-3 shooting. Mo Baker missed two, Victor Williams missed one.

4. Seriously, what happens when we play a double overtime game?

5. Honestly, I mean if we’re being completely and totally honest, I didn’t even realize he wasn’t out there in the second half. Part of that might be my lackadaisical interest in this team at times, but part of it has to be his lackadaisical interest in playing division one basketball at times, doesn’t it?

6. Again, like I said yesterday, the dude went out in a huge road game against one of the five best teams in the Big 12 and dished out 11 dimes, found Keiton in the right spots, and even got praise from Ford for distributing the ball to people in a way a point guard at OSU hasn’t done “in a long time.” Literally the only explanation I can come up with for Keiton playing the point is that Markel injured himself worse than he let on in the first half when he was limping around with what appeared to be a rolled ankle. Anything other reason I find inexcusable.

7. Kansas State had seven fewer offensive rebounds than OSU had total rebounds.

8. This is pretty much the only thing that kept the Cowboys in the game until late. The Wildcats were a pungent 4-14 in the first half and though they recovered a little bit late, still shot 58% from the line. That’s normally not going to get it done on the road in the Big 12.

9. The reason teams don’t have to shoot a high percentage against OSU to win is because of the offensive boards. Think about it, at least half of those boards resulted in extra shots for KSU. If you limit them to 10-12 offensive boards you’re suddenly taking away 5-6 shots and maybe making it a little closer at the end. I don’t care how young or inexperienced you are, giving up 22 offensive boards in unacceptable.

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