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Inside The Box Score: Mizzou



Keiton is the second worst shooter on the team…

1. This is actually OSU’s 5th highest FG% game of the season. The problem is the majority of those shots came in the last 10 minutes.

2. Why?

3. This is below his season average (75%).

4. Have a night, eh?

5. At what point do we stop gushing “gosh he’s such a great shooter”? He has the second worst FG percentage on the team and came into the game shooting 33% from three on a team where he’s not called on to be the top scorer. I realize this isn’t the best night to bring this up since he hit 55% from three, but just let me have my moment!

6. His touch around the rim is devastating. If he can develop a drop step punch off the glass or any kind of fadeaway he’s going to be disgusting offensively.


8. The line on the second half was OSU +4. Cover me.

9. This number on Saturday at KU was…4

10. Can Marcus Smart enroll, like now?

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