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Is Bedlam Back?



Big thanks to PFB contributor, FreeMason10 (on Twitter as @mattamilian) for his live look at the resuscitation of Bedlam from this weekend and further evaluation of the Thunder’s impact on college athletics.

As I stretched my legs out over the seat in front of me in the top of the 8th inning on Sunday, I quickly realized how ridiculous it was for me to be able to do that at the rubber match of Top 20 Bedlam teams. A fellow Cowboy fan informed me the total series attendance was 24,000+, which seemed below average to me.

The game itself had traditional Bedlam written all over it, however instead of a packed house, there was 5,000+ and the trash talk usually present in the crowd was replaced with a significant number of blue t-shirts. It turns out the Thunder’s influence on college sports in Oklahoma doesn’t stop with hoops.

Bedlam baseball is reputable, but right now the Thunder is the show in Oklahoma City.

Not convinced the NBA playoffs had any effect on yesterday’s Bedlam game? The 8th and 9th innings exemplified what I have always loved about this rivalry. Clutch hitting has always had its place in this series. No lead is safe at any point. What more could we ask for than 10 combined runs in the 8th and 9th innings to send it to extras?

Well this game extended over 4 hours and fans grew impatient. A quarter of the crowd left their seats before the start of the 10th and only 10% of those fans returned. Bedlam was asking for too much by creeping past the 8:00 hour, nearing the Thunder’s 8:30 tipoff. Confession…I set my mind on leaving after the 10th regardless of the status of the game. Apparently Sam Presti and Co. have swept me off my feet as well.

Is it a stretch to say I didn’t see any fan altercations yesterday because in reality fans have united for what’s more important to them? A run at an NBA championship. Yes, that’s overanalyzing, but here I am with the opportunity to write a guest post for PFB and I’m writing about the Thunder more than OSU! Let me propose these changes to the Bedlam series:

Game 1: Stillwater/Norman (alternate years). How great would this be or the students and local fans? The mid-season, non-conference game between the two teams does nothing for me. Really, who cared about that game?
Game 2: Tulsa
Game 3: Oklahoma City

If that scenario can’t happen, give the first two games to Tulsa. Oklahoma City doesn’t deserve two of the three games. Nobody can blame them (well…us) for latching on to Russell Westbrook’s hip, but if the Thunder is (still not sure what verb to put there) going to take away from Bedlam baseball in OKC, give another game to Tulsa! Believe me, Tulsa has room for the WNBA and two Bedlam baseball games. OneOK Field had a sellout crowd on hand Friday night despite the bitter cold wind chills. Having lived in both cities, I’m confident in saying that this rivalry is more appreciated 100 miles east of OKC on I-44.

Another confession: I’ve never been much of a writer and I’d prefer to wrap up yesterday’s game (Bedlam, not Thunder) with some bullet points.

  • I felt like both bullpens were trying to emulate what I’ve seen on south side of Chicago this year. For the non-White Sox fans, that means gobs of blown saves.
  • Again, a phenomenal finish. 7-3…10-7…10-10…walk-off single! That’s Bedlam! Pistolsguy received quite a few texts at this point in the game
  • I hate giving props to anyone on any OU team at any time, but Garrett Buechele was unreal at third base. His two diving plays had OSU fans tipping their hats with jaws dropped.
  • Even with 4 total errors, I felt like it was a well played game. If I had to find something to criticize, it’s baserunning. As a runner on third, how do you get thrown out at home on a slow ground ball to a shortstop playing back? Mrs. Pistols could’ve scored!
  • 20+ mpg winds out to left and no bombs??? Bring back the BESR!!!
  • Frank has secured his job for another year
  • This team can make it to Omaha.
  • That was the 4th straight series win for the Pokes (Texas, Mizzou, Nebraska and OU)
  • I know I won’t act on it but ever since I left Bricktown I’ve been getting the urge to take a road trip to College Station for the huge upcoming series with A&M.

I just watched the Thunder take down the Nuggets in game 1 and realized I’m already overlooking the importance of the Bedlam series win. KD and crew might distract me at times but they will never pass my top two priorities in sports: loving my Cowboys and loathing the Sooners

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