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J.W. Walsh on Mason Rudolph’s Game-Winning Drives: ‘That’s Who He Is’

Mason Rudolph and J.W. Walsh make for a deadly combo.



We’ve gone over how terrific those last few drives against Kansas State were for the Cowboys last Saturday. In fact, you’re probably sick of how much we’ve gone over that.

One more thing, though.

QB2 made a note of pumping QB1 to the Oklahoman after last week’s game.

“That’s just who he is,” J.W. Walsh said about Mason Rudolph. “He embraces that moment.”

It reminded of something I tweeted during the PGA Championship about Jordan Spieth when Spieth was in the midst of a back-nine 30 on Saturday to get within striking distance of Jason Day.

As I sat there watching him summons a nine-hole score he had to have to have a shot, I thought, “this is who he is … this is what he does.”

Same thing with Rudolph. Some people just have it. He’s talented, yes, but he’s got that thing that more talented guys would give up many attributes for. You can see it. His teammates can taste it.

As for Walsh, he’s become as integral a part of OSU’s offense as starter not named Rudolph. OSU was egregious in TD percentage inside the red zone last season (50 percent — 109th in the nation). They still aren’t great (58 percent — 77th) but because of Walsh, they’ve become better. And they have a go to offense inside the five yard line.

Mike Gundy spoke on that on Monday.

“I want him to do more. There’s a bigger package for him. I wish he could be in there more because he deserves to be in there…I want to let him do more but I don’t want to disrupt the flow Mason has with the game.”

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