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Joe Wickline, shots fired

Might regret this one, Joe.



Joe Wickline emptied his chamber on Wednesday at a media outing in Austin. He was asked about Oklahoma State and ohh boy…

Hi, Gundy!

He then said the decision to leave Stillwater for Austin was not as difficult as he made it out to be a few months ago.

Here’s a quote from Wickline in that Oklahoman

By no means…was it an easy decision, because of just the love for the (Stillwater) community and the love for the area and the respect for Oklahoma State, the Oklahoma people as a whole.

Then the playcalling topic got brought up.


As Ubben pointed out, the 2013 OSU playcalling mess might be on an episode of CSI in 10 years.

Bizarre stuff, for sure, and OSU-Texas in November at a chilly BPS will be colder than it feels outside. I have no doubt that Gundy’s ego is outsized in Stillwater by only Marcus Smart’s guns. But Wick is on the wrong side of three wins in the last four years now and it’s not like Glenn Spencer and his defense need the bulletin board material.[1. I’m pretty sure the bulletin board in Glenn Spencer’s film room is just his tweets cut and pinned by some grad assistant making $11,000 a year.]

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