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Josh Fields donates money to John Talley

Josh Fields has been fantastic over the last 24 hours — his latest move was pretty cool.



Josh Fields sent out the tweet below that for every RT he got he would donate a dime to John Talley (who was accused of overpaying players in the SI article) and his FCA ministry.

He later updated that to a quarter which is stand-up. After it got 2,241 retweets.

I think there’s a little bit of irony in here that a guy accused of giving money is getting money but still, cool move by Fields. He’s been OSU’s No. 1 spokesperson throughout this whole ordeal thus far.

Also, a note on Talley — he admitted to paying players and OSU said they were not cool with it. So that’s going to be a big issue at the end of this thing.

Here are the quotes:

Talley says that he sometimes paid players a fee for speaking engagements and that they frequently did work on his ranch, noting he always paid an hourly wage. He also says he cleared the speaking fees and the hourly employment through the university’s compliance office. “I have paid lots of players to work on my ranch,” Talley says. “But I would never pay someone not to work.”

OSU compliance director Kevin Fite says of the speaking engagements arranged by Talley, “They were not cleared through our office as paid speaking engagements. In fact, two of my staff members indicated to me that they had they had conversations with John and told him you cannot pay for speaking engagements. If you want to employ our student-athletes for other things, that’s fine, but you cannot pay them for speaking engagements.”

Not good.

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