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Kansas State nerd box score

A deeper look at Saturday’s game…if you can stomach it.



Nerd Box Score

I did not invent this idea — that would be Matt Hinton of Football Study Hall who first did it several years ago. I thought it might be something interesting for us to look at though because it’s fun and, really, you want JW Walsh throwing GIFs?

The scariest part of this box score to me is where OSU’s average starting field position was. You can only muster three TDs on 14 possessions against an average defense at home? Even taking out the last pick that basically ended the game, OSU’s average starting field position was its own 40. That’s not good.

Also, those swing points — again, you can take out the last possession because OSU was just kneeling but -16 swing points is going to get you crushed against good teams.

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