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Kenneth Edison-McGruder Shines in Star Linebacker Role



Kenneth Edison-McGruder had a lot on his mind as his team prepared for Tulsa. While he and his teammates were going to class and attending practice, his family was at home, 500 miles away, in Houston. Edison-McGruder’s 2-year old daughter was safe with family but that didn’t stop him from worrying or wanting to be there for her.

“They’re good now,” Edison-McGruder said. “The hurricane is gone now. I was kind of worried at first, towards the beginning of the week, when everything was going on because my daughter’s back home. I wasn’t there with her.”

On the field during Oklahoma State’s season opener, the junior looked as sharp as ever. From his new Star linebacker role, Edison-McGruder flew around the field, wreaking havoc on Tulsa’s touted run game and its inexperienced QB. He finished with five tackles (four solo), a tackle for loss, a sack and a pass breakup.

But his play of the game was obvious.

“It was just a good play at the right time,”said Edison-McGruder.”Coach made a good play call. Sent me on the blitz. [The] fumble, I seen it. I picked it up and just ran.”

Glenn Spencer was pleased overall with this Star backer’s game, even if he took time to rib the junior after the game.

“Well, I asked him in the locker room cause I thought it looked like he was running into the guy that was chasing him: ‘Were you trying to get tackled?’ He said he thought the guy to his right were the opponents, and I said, ‘No, that was your own guys.’ Anyway, it was tremendous,” said Spencer.

Of course it wasn’t a perfect night. Earlier in that same drive, Edison-McGruder could have had another defensive score if he’d held on to what would have been a gift-wrapped pick-six from Chad President. But if that’s the biggest gripe, I think Spencer will take it. The key is that Edison-McGruder and the several of these Cowboy defenders are fast and are going to be in position to make plays.

Spencer talked about this Star position possibly being his best on the team with Edison-McGruder and sophomore Calvin Bundage at 1A and 1B. Bundage left the game “banged up” according to Spencer but Kirk Tucker filled in well. The Cowboys have plenty of depth in their front seven and plenty of speed. This is going to be a fun group to watch, because they’re having fun.

“Just being out there with my teammates again, flying around, making plays. It was great.”

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