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Landry Jones is Engaged



This is too much for me to handle. I can’t be trusted with this kind of news.

As a blogger I love finding obscure things to entertain my audience. I love digging up humorous or interesting stuff on OSU, college sports, or sports in general to share with all of you. It’s often quite a chore to find quality material, something other than the mostly boring newspapers and straightforward releases.

But then other times it just comes screaming down from the sky like a dove on one of Boone’s hunting trips.

For those who need a quick tutorial, Landry Jones has been dating OU basketball player Whitney Hand for a while. If you don’t follow both (or either) of them on Twitter be thankful – the nauseating love-fest is not one that should be played out in the public domain, but that hasn’t stopped them.

A sampling…

From Landry: Had an amazing double date with @ou_whitneyhand @mowhin @benhabern surprised us #whitneyissoamazing.

Landry again: Hello twitter world thank you everyone for the bday wishes it was a great day special thanks to @ou_whitneyhand I love you.

Whitney: @LandryJones12 thanks for cooking when I’m stressed out! #youreallyarethegreatest #chickenandveggies #blessed

Whitney: Wish @LandryJones12 was on the beach with my today #notthesame #missyou

Landry one more time: Once again if Jennifer Gardner and Kate bosworth could have a child @ou_whitneyhand so beautiful

I think you get the point, no? It’s like a streaming episode of The Bachelor if only OU athletes were allowed to be on it.

Now, I have no problem with two people who love each other, it’s great, and from everything I’ve heard Landry is a pretty good dude with a pretty sweet life who doesn’t get caught up in it. Awesome.

But have a little class, don’t put this stuff out there for everyone to see. Actually check that, please do, it makes my job like 293x easier.

So anyway last night at about 6 PM Whitney tweeted, “Got my nails done with the best sister in the world @jordynhand and get to go on a date with the best boyfriend @LandryJones12 #luckygirl.”

About 4 hours later her avatar was the photo you see below…

I have so many questions too:

Where are they? Is it the side yard between Jason White and Nate Hybl’s trailers?
How long did it take him to string those Christmas lights on the fence? 20 seconds? 15?
Why is there a grill with what appears to be 39-day old burgers?
Why is a 1st team All-American QB wearing shoes my grandfather would shake his head at?
Is he trying to be a hipster-skater? If so, where are the Jnco’s jeans?
Did he get those “marry” letters from Hobby Lobby or Michael’s?
Why are they butted up against a wood fence? “Let me coerce you into marrying me, let’s go admire these wooden posts in Jason White’s backyard…”
Is this the most OU picture in the history of photography?

Oh and here’s the ring, which begs so many more questions…

That’s a pretty big diamond, no? Is he friends with any Ohio State quarterbacks?
Did he preempt the season with this engagement because he knows he’s not going to see another ring for a while?
Lastly, how much fun is this Fall going to be?

It should be noted that I’ve been breaking this down harder than the Zapruder film for like the last 30 minutes – like I said, an Oklahoma State blogger’s dream.

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