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Let’s Talk About This Historical March Madness Bracket Featuring John Lucas III

Can OSU get to this faux Final Four?



Even the NCAA is getting creative with its content creation these days. On Thursday — as the first round of the Dance was supposed to start — the NCAA put out this bracket of the best moments in March Madness history.

There’s an Oklahoma State slant, too, as John Lucas III’s game-winner against the fighting Jameer Nelsons to go to the Final Four got a No. 15 seed in the Elite 8 Region (bottom left as you’re looking at the bracket).


So of course we need to play this out and get OSU to the Final Four of this bracket. Here’s a closer look.

Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 11.15.21 AM.png

No. 2 seed Mamadi Diakite ties it up (R1) — This one is actually … easy? Diakite’s shot was great, but it was to tie the game against Purdue, not win it. I get that Virginia was the No. 1 seed and won it all, but Lucas’ was just better.

No. 10 seed Loyola Chicago (R2) — I’m presuming the upset here over No. 7 seed Michigan State in Round 1. Here’s the deal with Loyola — it wasn’t a great moment. It was a great two weeks, but they beat Kansas State by 16 in the Elite 8 to go to the Final Four. Cool. Lucas’ moment was iconic. In fact, how in the world was Lucas’ shot a 15-seed here?! Regardless, that’s 2-0 and onto the heavyweights in the Sweet 16 of our bracket.

No. 3 seed UCLA’s comeback (S16) — You know this as the Adam Morrison game, which actually happened in the Sweet 16. This is the Elite 8 Region, therefore I’m declaring No. 3 seed UCLA ineligible as Oklahoma State advances to face …

No. 1 seed Laettner’s buzzer beater (E8) — OK, I can’t do it. I can’t put 15-seed Lucas in over the most iconic basketball shot ever (?). As much of a homer as I am, I have to cede the way to Laettner, which will eventually win this faux national title (and the only one we get this year).


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