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Looking Back at the Best Rudolph-to-Washington Scores at Oklahoma State



James Washington has knack for getting into the end zone. He’s done it 38 times during his career — good for No. 5 in Big 12 history — and most of those scores have come from Mason Rudolph.

Since the clock is winding down on this dynamic duo’s collegiate career, let’s try to narrow down some of the best Rudolph-2-Washington scores. In no particular order, here are some of my faves.

Rudolph airs it out in his first start (Baylor 2014)

The first play on our list was the first score between these two. In his first start, Rudolph showed glimpses of what was to come in the loss to Baylor. On this play, “they finally let the the true freshman air it out” for 68 yards and 6 to his fellow rookie.

One-Handed Leap in Tempe (Cactus Bowl 2014)

I have an affinity for one-handed grabs, like most red-blooded Americans.

This one was great. We were just getting to know these two and this play solidified the upcoming 2015 season as one to watch for college football fans both of the Poke variety and otherwise.

Rudolph and Washington go deep on TCU again (2017)

This one probably doesn’t resonate with most fans because of the disappointing way the game ended. But it was a shot in the arm when OSU desperately needed it. If you saw this play in a vacuum, there’s no way you don’t get fired up. Running away from double coverage, the broken tackle, Washington beating his chest into the end zone. We’re going to miss these two.

The last score in BPS (Kansas 2017)

This is just a perfectly-executed go route and a perfectly-timed throw. The chemistry you probably can only get from four years together. More significantly, this was the last time the two hooked for a TD inside Boone Pickens Stadium.

Tough TD against NFL Talent (Alamo Bowl 2016)

The most intriguing matchup heading into last year’s Alamo Bowl was the strength-on-strength battle between Colorado’s vaunted secondary and OSU’s plethora of wideouts, namely James Washington against Chidobe Awuzie.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), this score was about as hard-earned as it got for Washington against the Dallas Cowboys’ second-round pick. The Prez was limited only by a cringe-worthy dislocated finger that took him out of a blowout win. He was targeted 12 times for nine catches and 171 yards and this score.

R2W Goes 74 yards on third score against (TCU 2015)

I could just insert the entire 2-hour, 58-minute and 47-second masterpiece care of Big Dave on YouTube (shout out for uploads). During this game, QB1 and the Prez hooked up for TDs of 48, 50 and 74 yards. Five catches between the two resulted in 184 yards and 18 points.

All three should be rewatched and relished but we’ll just go with this 74-yarder that answered a Trevone Boykin score that had pulled Frogs to within 35-16 and sort of made things interesting for a minute. Actually, it was just 49 seconds later that these two broke the Horny Toad’s back.

Another one-hander (Kansas 2015)

I know, it’s Kansas. But aside from this catch being ridiculous, this game holds some sentimental value for its role as a short reprieve from the shocking tragedy that befell Stillwater and OSU just hours prior. The ‘Boys came out and took care of business and this play was one of the good things to happen on that day.

The Duo Hooks up for 35 yards and a score (Bedlam 2017)

This one, like the TCU play from this year, might get overlooked based on the outcome, but at the resulting atmosphere inside BPS could have been bottled and sold at a premium.

On the first play (Pitt 2016)

The broadcast crew aptly described this 91-yard bomb as getting a bad taste out of the Pokes’ mouth. This was the first play since the play that should not have happened — a walk-off phantom Hail Mary, game-winner for Central Michigan. Wash and Rudy said, “It’s okay, guys. We’re still really good. Check this out.”

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