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Marcus Smart is good at basketball

Marcus Smart looks like he’s getting better at basketball…which is scary.



It’s the offseason so, you know what, yeah, let’s just break down this sick 1:45 video of Marcus Smart smashing on amateur basketball players.[1. Oh he’s still an amateur basketball player, you say? Not for long…]

0:10 — WTF?! Who is this alien and what did he do with our starting PG?

0:30 — Yeah, if this is happening, the Big 12 POY race is ovah…again. The national one might be too.

0:38 — He just makes it look so…easy. I know these dudes probably aren’t that much better than, say, me but gosh.

0:44 — I feel like this is his signature move.

0:52 — New tattoos?

0:54 — !!!!!!!!!!!!

1:14 — The funeral for this kid is on Saturday, Boone and Holder being held and questioned as we speak.

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