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Marshall on Osama



Last night was insane. One minute we’re playing board games and drinking Shiners with friends and the next I’m absolutely transfixed by Obama’s speech and the impending reaction from the entire free Twitter world.

And that reaction was far-reaching and nearly as polarizing as the event itself. Consider these tweets by Marshall Moses:

On a night like last night we get pretty hasty in celebrating what was, when you truly boil it down, the murder of another human being at the hands of our country. Leave it to Marshall Moses, of all people, to rain down a little perspective on everyone (Although he has NOTHING on Jacob Pullen’s comments.)

Look, I understand, I get 9/11 and the justification that must follow and last night was a great moment for both President Bush as well as President Obama. I just find it a little ironic that the country (us) that verbally drew and quartered the entire Middle East when our TV stations showed various people dancing in the streets on 9/11 is now the nation that’s dancing the streets.

I’m not against the mission to find bin Laden and I’m really not against them finding him and bringing him to justice, but like Moses I can’t get uber-elated about another human getting killed.

I’m thrilled for the closure that was brought to various 9/11 families and the justice carried out by our military, I’m not thrilled however, that we live in a world where all of that is necessary.

But this is just a sports blog and “strategic counter-terrorism strikes” aren’t exactly in my wheelhouse like “Joseph Randle and Justin Gilbert to return kicks for the Cowboys.”

Back to your regularly scheduled programming this afternoon…

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