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Marshall’s Notebook: Emptying the Tank on OSU’s Fourth Win

The leftovers from OSU’s win over Iowa State.



[Photo via Sarah Phipps-USA TODAY Sports]

For at least one more week, the Cowboys are the Big 12’s jewel.

Oklahoma State beat Iowa State 24-21 on Saturday in Boone Pickens Stadium. I already unloaded 10 thoughts on the Cowboys’ fourth win of the year, but here is the notebook I kept while watching the game.

  • A crazy, tipped INT already has part of OSU Twitter calling for Shane Illingworth. This will be an interesting track all season.
  • Brock Purdy is a dude.
  • The camera crew (and OSU’s defense at times) have no clue whether Brock Purdy or Breece Hall have the ball.
  • Are we sure Tylan’s “ACL” surgery wasn’t actually to insert pogo sticks into his legs?
  • The graphics department was also not ready for Jelani to be a receiver:
  • Cam Murray is seeing how far he can get before the ref tells him to put his jersey on:
  • The Iowa State offense vs. Oklahoma State defense has been a prize fight, and we’re only a quarter and some change in.
  • For the time being, every time Spencer is running, I’ll be holding my breath.
  • Cue the Yackety Sax:
  • The best TD of his career?
  • Iowa State punting on fourth-and-2 form OSU’s 42 is … interesting.
  • Anthony Johnson needs to stop talking smack to Tylan Wallace.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

  • I’ve never heard a thud off an upright like the one that Iowa State kicker made.
  • Welcome back to the spotlight Kolby Harvell-Peel.
  • Spencer Sanders follows an NFL-level throw with his second INT of the day. He has been boom or bust for much of his young career.
  • That will be the easiest 50+-yard TD Breece Hall ever runs.
  • Tylan Wallace is a different type of specimen. He follows a 40-yard catch with a touchdown-sealing block.
  • Purdy runs for about 10 seconds, avoids three sacks and somehow hits Kolar on the sideline. Let’s get weird.
  • OSU’s defense has had to defend in their own territory quite a bit today and have not broken … yet.
  • There are a lot of flags being thrown, and I’m not sure how many I agree with going both ways.
  • The TV booth has now lost power. This game has it all.
  • Somewhere in here is a hold on Tylan Wallace 😬
  • Trace Ford is on the swat team.
  • Gundy is good with running the clock and allowing Tom Hutton to pin Iowa State on its 4. We are truly past the offense-only OSU.
  • Tre Sterling with a textbook PBU. I’m about six minutes from officially crowning this as the best defense Gundy has ever had.
  • Third-and-short with a chance to ice the game, and Chuba Hubbard is on the sideline. I disagree.
  • ISU scores a touchdown on the longest 2:34-minute drive in football history. This isn’t going to blow up in OSU’s face, right?
  • It didn’t because Iowa State decided to kick two onside kicks right to Tylan Wallace.

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