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Mike Gundy Can’t Use a Computer so His Son Helped Him Recruit Jeff Carr



Kyle Boone nicely detailed how much buzz Jeff Carr had received this fall a few weeks ago. Guess what? It hasn’t gone away since then. In fact, Carr has doubled down on his success and appears at least temporarily set as the No. 3 running back on a team that will use them all.

Mike Gundy talked about recruiting Carr on Thursday after a scrimmage and I laughed out loud at how it all went down. We laud Gundy as this world class recruiter, but he admitted (tongue in cheek, I presume) that his son had to help him find what appears to be the steal of the 2015 class.

“I was at home and got a call the day before signing day. So I went in on the computer and had my son pull it up because I don’t know how to pull things up on the computer. So he pulled him up and clicked him on and he and I watched him and we definitely agreed that he’s good enough to play at this level.”

$3.6 million a year, people, $3.6 million a year.

Gundy did warn against comparing this year’s running game to the best running games of the Gundy era.

“Our offensive line is better, but we’re still not where we were the years we were averaging those kinds of yards. I don’t want to say we’re to that point yet.”

But soon?

“We’ll know a lot more in 4-5 weeks.”

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