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Mike Gundy loves Duck Dynasty

Mike Gundy loves Duck Dynasty because…of course he does.



Least surprising headline of the offseason, no?

On Friday Gundy, prompted by friend of the blog Jamie Wheat, started tweeting about his love of Duck Dynasty and eventually ended up offering a social media invitation to Si, Willie, and the gang to come to Stillwater for a game.

Every morning and night, eh? I don’t watch a ton of DD (I’ve seen it) but it wouldn’t seem like there are enough episodes to watch it every morning and night. Maybe I’m crazy though.

If I had to rank Gundy’s favorite TV shows before today I would have said:

1. Duck Dynasty – not even close
2. Law & Order – he said so
3. Swamp People – it seems like Gundy would totally get a kick out of this madness
4. Justified – of course
5. Franklin & Bash – because…Gundy…and plus, he can’t believe somebody has better hair than him.

For those who have watched, can you imagine Si interacting on the sidelines with Justin Gilbert or Daytawion Lowe?

Video of this would certainly break my site.

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