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Mike Gundy Updates Status of Running Back Health



As many noticed on Saturday, the running game was completely abandoned as the Cowboys rushed for less than 100 yards and Rudolph had over 50 pass attempts for 437 passing yards. Interestingly enough, the game plan wasn’t so bad.  Without top backs Chris Carson and Rennie Childs, it was smart to play to the teams strengths: A strong armed quarterback and extremely athletic receivers.

With a big matchup set for this Saturday in Morgantown, the status of both Carson (ankle) and Childs (concussion) appears slightly more promising than last week, saying, “They should be fine.”

Although the running game wasn’t great Saturday, that was mostly due to the abandonment and game plan. The Cowboys will need to run to have any chance against a very stout passing defense in West Virginia. Having Chris Carson and Rennie Childs available Saturday would certainly help.

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