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Mike Gundy’s Breaks Down Biggest Bedlam Regret



Bedlam is over. There’s no hypothetical that OSU can reflect on that can change the outcome of the Big 12 title game.

But heck, why not take a walk down memory lane?

Mike Gundy sat with reporters earlier this week to discuss the Bedlam game and any regrets he might have. Specifically, the most controversial call to take a knee at the 50-yard line and run the clock out with a timeout in his pocket.

Here is what he said.

Well, we hadn’t really protected that well up to that point. If 31 strips the ball from us, something crazy happens, and that’s a valid question. A lot of things go through my mind at that time…

He went on to discuss his hesitation for throwing the ball deep with a drop 8-man coverage, the accuracy it requires and so on. But the controversial decision to take a knee, in hindsight, appears to be even more controversial. Rather than either attempting a hail mary, or trying to get 20 yards into field goal range, they chose to take a knee. And it wasn’t for any reason other than potential scenarios that could doom them — scenarios that would probably deemed as “long shots.”

Here’s the video with the full interaction.

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