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Mike Tomlin, Mike Gundy Speak Out to Support Mason Rudolph

Two Mikes with strong words for Myles Garrett.



Following the most recent allegation by Myles Garrett, Mason Rudolph felt the need to strongly defend himself last weekend. Now two of his head coaches have joined in.

During an interview with ESPN’s Mina Kimes, that aired last week, Garrett claimed that the altercation between the two — which ended in Garrett hitting Rudolph over the top of his head with his own helmet — was escalated when the latter called the former “a stupid N-word.” He first made the allegation that Rudolph had used a racial slur one week after the incident while appealing his suspension to the NFL.

Mike Tomlin released a statement on Saturday defending his QB, but the Steelers head coach — who actively avoids the press — had more to say.

On Monday, Tomlin went on ESPN’s First Take to speak with Stephen A. Smith to further voice his support of Rudolph.

“The most recent one this past weekend, I took offense to it, to be quite honest with you,” Tomlin told ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith. “… I fully support Mason Rudolph. We, as an organization, fully support Mason Rudolph. To be quite honest with you, we were hacked off by what we saw this weekend.”

Tomlin added: “I think [Rudolph’s] reputation needs to be defended and defended aggressively.” [ESPN]

Rudolph’s other head coach also chimed in on Twitter.

“These accusations are serious, not only in terms of Mason Rudolph’s character, but his professional pursuits,” continued Tomlin. “Nobody on that field, as a member of the Cleveland Browns or the Pittsburgh Steelers, corroborated what was said by Myles Garrett. … At no point during that piece this weekend was that stated.”

On Saturday, Rudolph’s agent tweeted the following statement.

“We waited to hear the entire interview. Garrett, after originally apologizing to Mason Rudolph, has made the ill advised choice of publishing the belated and false accusation that Mr. Rudolph uttered a racial slur on the night in question. Note that Mr. Garrett claims that Mr. Rudolph uttered the racial slut simultaneously with  being taken down, and before Mr. Garrett committed a battery by striking Mr. Rudolph on the head with a 6 lb helmet.

His claim is ludicrous. This obviously was not the first time Mr. Rudolph had been sacked by an African American player. Mr. Garrett maliciously uses this false allegation to coax sympathy, hoping to be excuse for what clearly is inexcusable behavior. Despite other players and the referee being in the immediate vicinity, there are zero corroborating witness i i as confirmed by the NFL.

Although Mr. Rudolph had hoped to move forward, it is Mr. Garrett who has decided to utter this defamatory statement — in California. He is now exposed to legal liability. [@YoungerAssoc on Twitter]

There has currently been no legal action taken or reported, but Tomlin was asked about that statement, especially the end. He would not speculate as to the actions of Rudolph or his representation but did add: “I would expect him to do what was appropriate in terms of protecting his name and reputation,” said Tomlin. “I would do so aggressively, and I don’t blame him.”

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