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Mississippi St. game superlatives

The best GIF, best play, best player, and uniform Heisman handed out for the Mississippi State game.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Winners: JW Walsh, Jeremy Smith, folks who still don sheriff hats, fans with poor vision (those video boards!), Twitter (always), the Big 12, Glenn Spencer, Glenn Spencer’s agent, Pistols Firing shirts on the video boards, Bob Stoops’ offseason quotes about the SEC (for now).

Losers: All the WRs, Dan Mullen’s barber, offense, Colton Chelf, Mississippi State’s gameplan, cowbell distributors, indoor games, neutral-site games, games at pro stadiums, everything about this play, and of course…this guy.

Best play: Easily JW’s zone read in the first half for 46 yards. We might be still throwing screens to the sidelines if it wasn’t for that run.

Worst play: The screen to Smith in the second quarter that lost six yards and made it 3rd and 30 was particularly fruitless.

Best player: Am I allowed to just give this to the defense as a whole? I thought JW was very good but I’ve also seen him play a lot better than he did (Texas last year, to name one instance). I know we’re into crowning QBs but I think this one should go to Spencer’s unit — they were a half beat faster and more decisive than last year and did what they should do to a poor SEC squad, namely bury them.

Worst player: It’s a little unfair to say a guy who only played seven plays was the worst player, but Chelf wasn’t very good. The throw in double coverage to Ateman was gasp-out-loud-worthy. I also didn’t think Josh Stewart played all that well (Stewart holds = Calvin Barnett personal fouls) but it’s hard for me to rate receivers poorly because I know they have a ton of responsibilities like blocking and other stuff that I don’t always see.

Uni Heisman: Calvin Barnett — I really liked the orange leg sleeve things (I don’t know what they’re actually called) paired with this jersey (see photo at top).

Quote of the game: [Walsh] will be our starter in the next game. -Mike Gundy

Stat of the game: This game represented the first time since Bedlam 2009 a WR hadn’t gone over 40 yards. I would have found you the last time OSU didn’t have a WR go over 40 yards and OSU still got the win but I don’t know that it’s ever happened.

Other stat of the game: This game was also the first time OSU had held a BCS opponent to three or fewer points in 18 years.

Photo of the game: This was salty…

GIF of the game: This one was pretty strong…


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