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NBA Playoff Preview (OSU Edition) – West



I got into an interesting debate with Q the other day on the podcast about who OSU’s most famous current professional athlete is. I’m still not sure if I have an answer (that might be a power poll in the coming weeks?) but Tony Allen has to be in the conversation, doesn’t he?

As such I decided to take some time and use he and James Anderson as an (admittedly lame) excuse to preview the NBA Playoffs. Here we go:

Western Conference

#1 Spurs vs. #8 Grizzlies

OSU ties: Tony Allen will be tasked with the burden of trying to guard Duncan, Manu, and TP at the same time while helping fill the scoring void left by Rudy Gay and his injury. I’d also like to take this time to mention that, since 2004 Tony Allen is 0-1 in postseason basketball games in the city of San Antonio.

James Anderson hasn’t really been what we thought he would be (or wanted him to be) since arriving in Duncan-ville. He’s only averaged 3.6 points/game this year and missed over 50 games with an injury. Here’s to hoping Popp and Co. don’t lose sight of one of the most talented, inspiring players to walk through GIA in the last twenty-five years.

My thoughts: It could get chippy (when you have Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph, how could it not?) but it won’t get all that tight. If Gay was playing I think I might actually pick the Grizz. But no Gay means no go-to guy in crunch time, and San Antonio has about four of those. Spurs in 6.

#2 Lakers vs. #7 Hornets

OSU ties: Um, Aaron Gray and Jarrett Jack were both part of NCAA tournament teams that ended OSU’s season?

My thoughts: I wish Chris Paul was 2007 Chris Paul instead of current “I’m not sure if I’m going to Kye Staley my knee on any given play” Chris Paul. Either way the Lakers don’t have anyone who can guard him, but 2007 Paul had an outside shot of single-handedly winning this series. This year’s version? No chance. Lake Show in 5.

#3 Mavs vs. #6 Trailblazers

OSU ties: Country torched Marcus Camby in the ’95 tournament and LaMarcus Aldridge played in the Big 12 (like I said earlier using Tony and James was a pretty lame excuse to talk some NBA on here).

My thoughts: I’d love to see the Mavs go down in flames as Aldridge obliterates Tyson Chandler and Nicolas Batum creates an international incident with Dirk. One problem with all of that, literally everyone I read who writes about pro hoops is picking the Blazers, that’s never a good sign. Mavs in 7 (because there’s no way in hell they’re winning a Game 6 in Rip City).

#4 Thunder vs. #5 Nuggets

OSU ties: I guess I don’t really have to fake this since the Thunder are, in fact, now subversively located in the state of Oklahoma.

My thoughts: I’m back and forth on this series. On one hand, I truly understand that getting over the hump and winning your first playoff series (especially when you’re the favorite) is dauntingly difficult. On the other hand, the Perkins trade absolutely transformed this team. They’re nasty now. They’re capable of winning a title now as opposed to before when they were only capable of making fans deliriously excited about the mere possibility of winning one. It’s going to be a slugfest but the Thunder should move on. OKC in 7.

Back tomorrow with the East, which I probably should have written before watching the Bulls Pacers and Heat 76ers games…

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