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Nerd box score: OSU-West Virginia

It’s not getting better, in case you were wondering.




Well it was a different story for the Pokes this week. Not necessarily a better one — but a different one.

A few notes:

• OSU had a stretch of games earlier this year where it barely had 100 wasted yards total much less over 300 in one game. It was either three and out or TD for a while for this offense. Against WVU it was “gain a bunch of yards and stall out” — like I said, not better.

• That 2/14 on successful drives is burning my retinas. My gosh. And 0.71 points per drive. Yikes!

• It’s hard to imagine your defensive efficiency being 83 percent ( a strong number) despite giving up 448 yards but that’s what happens when you play a Dana-coached team.

• OSU was far better on yards per play but not good enough (or anywhere close) at closing drives. It currently ranks No. 119 in the country in TD percentage inside the red zone. Not ideal.

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