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New PFB Wrestling Writer Introduction: Seth Duckworth on Future Coverage of Oklahoma State



Hey guys, Kyle Porter here. I wanted to thank everyone for all the applications we got for the wrestling beat writer position — there were a lot more than I expected — and I’m grateful to everyone who put themselves out there both logistically and emotionally. That’s not a small thing, and we acknowledge that.

I had a conversation with Kyle Boone and some folks who work at Oklahoma State at the Karsten Creek golf tournament earlier this fall, and we all agreed that there was a real opportunity to cover wrestling more thoroughly and deliver a product to you guys that was comprehensive, fun and informative. That’s what we’re going to attempt to do, and I’m excited about Seth’s ability to do it.

In my experience with him, Seth is somebody who will be able to provide good context for what’s happening, a deep knowledge of the history of OSU wrestling and a fun, conversational tone that I think you guys will all enjoy.

In addition to his writing, you can also expect more photos from duals this year as our guy Jackson Lavarnway will be at a lot of the home duals, starting this Sunday against Minnesota. We’re excited about this. You can (and should) expect this site to get better and better and better as time goes on, and we think our wrestling coverage is going to be a big part of that. Wrestling is a big deal in Stillwater, and rightfully so. We’re hopeful that we can give you the coverage to match it.

OK, enough from me. Here’s Seth.

Hey everyone! My name is Seth Duckworth. I’m the new wrestling writer for the blog and wanted to give you all a little background on myself and preview of what to expect on wrestling going forward.

As far as my background in the sport goes, I grew up wrestling and in Oklahoma, and naturally was always a pretty big Cowboy fan. I was a decent wrestler in high school, nowhere near the level of guys I’ll be covering, but was a state finalist a few times, made All-State, was a part of a four team state titles, and a pretty tradition rich high school program. I was a little burnt out on it at that point, went to a JUCO for a year, joined the Army Reserve then came to OSU and like many reading this had the best four years of my life in Stillwater.

For the blog I’ll be covering each dual/tournament, recruiting, and the program in general. We’ll do previews and recaps for all while going more in depth on the bigger stuff like the NCAA tournament and Iowa dual. I’ll also be putting out original stories on different topics related to current wrestling and also the history of the program.

I’ll do my best to keep things simple for the more novice fans while also going in depth for the more knowledgeable ones. My advice for anyone that is interested to learn more on the sport is watch videos like this to learn the basics. You can also go to a match or two with people that know what’s going on, and once you start picking things up it becomes a much more interesting follow.

One thing to note on this video is you can now get four back points vs. the three Smith describes.

The tone of the blog is pretty casual and interactive as you guys know, so feel free to reach out to me if you have ideas for stories or topics you want to hear about. I’ve had Twitter for a while, but really rarely put it to use until now and will predominately just use it for this.

Contact me there or on the blog if you have questions, comments or ideas. I’m excited for this opportunity and hope you all enjoy it!

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