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I’m joining the Sports Animal

Starting over the next few weeks you’ll be hearing me on the radio in OKC, Stillwater, and Tulsa.



It’s true, starting sometime over the next few weeks I’m going to become a part-time (think multiple times a week) contributor to the Sports Animal out of OKC.

We’re not totally sure on the details (how long, what show(s) etc.) but I will likely be talking OSU football and hoops as well as some golf.

I’m really excited about the venture as I’ve really enjoyed my time on this site doing podcasts (we started that back up at the end of last week, by the way) and for CBS Sports going on various national and local shows to chat about golf.

I’ve listened to sports talk radio for pretty much my entire life — I remember calling in to Houston Astros postgame shows when I was like 11 to try and answer their trivia questions and win tickets to a game.[1. This was pre-Google so I would lay out all my baseball books and furiously quiz my dad while on the phone trying to get the answer right. Good times.] Heck, I vaguely remember making the drive back to Tulsa with my parents after OSU baseball games in the early 90s and listening to Bill Platt do the postgame.

It’s a medium I truly love and will get my full attention and effort.

Before we get back to your regularly scheduled programming (just practicing!) I want to thank a few people who really helped me during the process of this jump:

Doug Gottlieb — For believing in me even if we disagree on the Jason Kidd/Marcus Smart comp
Larry Bastida & Dax Davis — Both have been very kind to me and helpful and bringing me aboard the Sports Animal bus
Readers — Once again, none of this happens without you[1. Even you, Nate.]

I can’t wait to get started.

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