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Notebook: Oklahoma State-West Virginia

A look back at all the fun from a bonkers Saturday evening in West Virginia.



I posted my 10 thoughts here, but thought I should empty my notebook from Saturday night. Here’s a look at all the notes I took on that wild win in Morgantown.

• Did ESPN’s production crew have money on the over of 545.5 shots of Dana? Oh, don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but I saw Gundy fewer times tonight than I saw Dana say “you’ve got to be sh****** me.”

• This seems true (even if it’s not).

• Have I mentioned how much I hate us getting the ball first. Not our strength.

• I write within the first three minutes, “this is such a tough game for us. No matter how they play.” Remains true. Other than Kansas (and with us, including Kansas) Big 12 road games are insanely difficult to win.

• If Skyler Howard is 6’0 then I am a three handicap.

• This flip to Jhajuan Seales. Les Miles and Kyle Porter approved. Heart.

• Jalen McCleskey will stop scaring me on punts oh about whenever he graduates.

• Mason Rudolph played badly (we already went over that) but it’s not like we didn’t have a lot of drops. James Washington and Jhajuan Seales both had some in the first half, and I bet David Glidden would like to have this one back.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 2.55.15 AM

• I am a simpleton, I realize, but what exactly is the problem with a jump ball to Marcell Ateman on every snap?

• Does Paul Lewis get absolutely destroyed on every single play or is it just me?

• Yes!

• How big are Ogbah’s arm bands? Do you think you could fit them around your waist or nah?

• I like the revenge for 2013 aspect to this game. Heck, it’s revenge for 2014 too. Now I believe Bob Stoops is the only Big 12 coach Mike Gundy has a losing record against.

• That was the longest game of all time, yes?

• This photo though.

• WVU ran some curious plays as well. Why were they throwing it on third and two when Wendell Smallwood was doing pretty much whatever he wanted to do?

• Uni All-Star game is what that matchup was. A uni All-Star game.

• Tough to decide, but I think this was my favorite Dana GIF of the night.

• I wrote this in the first half (and retracted it in the second): Howard throws it with the velocity of Weeden and the accuracy of Cate. He improved.

• How good was this play? Oh, and maybe this is why we don’t go to Ateman on every play?

• Speaking of things being good, how good was Ashton Lampkin against West Virginia’s receivers. It’s incredible to me that OSU held WVU to 24 points on 19 possessions. Nineteen!

• Rudolph is going to throw picks. That’s sort of part of the deal. I’m not sure what to do about it. The one above was (obviously) amazing. The one to Washington in the second half was a great play (but a bad throw). And then the one in the first half to Washington was basically just a punt.

• Announcer: “Can OSU survive with no running game to speak of?” Rinse, repeat.

• This is a crazy, crazy stat.

• Was this the first game OSU got out-adjusted at halftime? Or did it get out-adjusted at halftime?

Still not sure I understand the safety.

• I absolutely loved the goal line going for it call from Gundy. Even if it doesn’t work, you can’t grab three against Dana on the road. Not with how their offense had opened it up in the second half. Plus, you want the pressure of having to score on Ogbah and Co.

• Carson was killing me with the make OSU air raid again tweets.

• The OSU drive chart … are you ready for this?


Not ideal!

• Man, I love this.

• This is what Rudolph does best (he did not do much of this on Saturday).

• Bad news: West Virginia’s pass defense, while lauded for its ability to create turnovers, came in to this game 83rd in the country in yards per attempt allowed at 7.3. Makes Rudolph’s performance seem worse.

• Sometimes it feels like OSU is trying to run Wisconsin’s offense with Baylor’s 2002 offensive line. Doesn’t go great.

• He really did.

• It’s mildly infuriating to me that it seems like OSU can get yards and points when it absolutely has to. I don’t know if that should be encouraging or I should want to throw a video game controller through a window but my gut reaction is the latter.

• Do what?

• Glenn Spencer had a grad assistant run a piece of paper up to Mike Yurcich in the press box during the second half. All it said was, “do literally anything.”

• I thought this was tremendous.

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