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Odds to win the Big 12

The odds are out and OSU is still one of the favorites.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

The media spoke last week about where they thought OSU should be slotted in the Big 12 and now Vegas is (sort of) confirming that sentiment.

OSU and Texas head up the oddsmakers’ favorites for the 2013 season. Here’s a look:

1. Texas: 9-4
2. Oklahoma State: 5-2
3. Oklahoma: 7-2
4. TCU: 15-4
5. Baylor: 12-1
6. Kansas State: 12-1
7. Texas Tech: 25-1
8. WVU: 25-1
9. Iowa State: 40-1
10. Kansas: 100-1

First impressions…

• I’d take a flyer on Tech at 25-1 and maybe Baylor at 12-1. The Tech one especially seems like it offers some pretty good value.

• It’s pretty funny that in a “down year” OU is still a 3.5-1 favorite to win its conference.

These are actually pretty standard conference numbers compared to other conferences. I figured the top five or so would be more closely bunched together at the top of the Big 12 than other conferences but, as a barometer, here’s a look at the sixth most-favored team from each conference:

ACC — Georgia Tech: 12-1
B1G — Northwestern: 10-1
SEC — Florida[1. Is Florida the sixth-best team in the SEC?! Yikes.]: 9-1
PAC-12 — Arizona State: 9-1

The most heavily favored teams to win their conferences are:

Bama: 1-1
Louisville: 4-7
tOSU: 5-6
Boise: 7-5

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