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Oklahoma State Fans Are Concerned with This Offense, Should They Be?



I asked in a poll question on Wednesday how concerned (on a scale of 1-5) OSU fans are with an offense that could only muster 24 (but it should have been 30!) points against Central Michigan last week.

The consensus was “well, we aren’t unconcerned.” Some of this is, of course, an overreaction to the first week of football. Everybody does that. Ohio State is going to win it all this year and next and Washington State will never win again. That kind of thing.

But some of it is real.

The average “ranking” was 3.06 on a scale of 1-5 from just over 800 voters. If I could put that into words for OSU fans it would say “we can forgive 24 against CMU but if we don’t score 45+ against Central Arkansas and light Texas up in two weeks … there needs to be a Shawn Watson situation if you know what I’m saying!”

Here’s a look at what percent the votes were at — 65 percent of you are at a 3 or higher.

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 3.58.57 PMI’m with the 2s. It’s not that I believe heavily in Mike Yurcich or what he’s done over the last three years — he was all but fired after that Texas game last year! — I simply don’t want to understate the importance of getting some sea legs. Basically, I don’t want to call for the head of somebody and then OSU reel off eight straight and move into the top five.

Frankly though, he bores me. Which is fine. But his offenses also bore me. Which is not great.

“I think what’s really important is to get better as the year progresses, and keep on getting better,” said Yurcich. “That’s what the practices are for. The goal is to be constantly improving and working on it with good effort and good fundamentals. Over time, you should get better.”


“I think our guys up front did a really good job of being on their assignments,” Yurcich said about the CMU game. “We were on the people that we needed to be on. I think we ran strong, tough and physical. In the second half, we opened it up a little more and got some space.”

I guess.

There just doesn’t seem to be the urgency there that Glenn Spencer has. I realize they’re different personalities and are in charge of different things. It’s just difficult to not compare Yurcich to the high-wire acts of those who came before him in Dana Holgorsen and Todd Monken. Maybe folks like that wouldn’t be performing any differently with the talent at hand, but at least they’d make you think they were going to either succeed or fail magnificently trying. Yurcich somehow does neither.

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