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Oklahoma State Is Home of the Best Offenses In The Country



Over the past decade Oklahoma State’s football team has become known for its premier offense. This year Oklahoma State’s basketball team has soared to become one of the most efficient offenses in Big 12 history.

When you combine the two, you get Stillwater, OK — home of arguably the best offenses in college football and college basketball during the 2016-17 school year.

I recently looked at all 128 D-1 football programs and where they ranked in points per possession. Then I combined them with there they rank in raw points per possession in hoops (OSU is actually No. 2 when in hoops when adjusted for opponent but No. 8 in raw PPP).

Here is your top 10 as of right now.

Rank Team Basketball Rank Football Rank Average Rank
1 Oklahoma State 8 16 12
2 Michigan 7 18 12.5
3 Texas Tech 25 8 16.5
4 Florida State 17 31 24
5 North Carolina 6 44 25
6 Notre Dame 13 40 26.5
7 Louisville 40 15 27.5
8 West Virginia 11 46 28.5
9 Toledo 49 9 29
10 Oregon 26 32 29

OSU averaged 2.89 points per possession in football and averages 1.16 per possession in basketball. Both top 20 in the country. Michigan is the only other team that can claim that.

OSU’s combined total of 4.05 points per possession¬†was not the highest, though. Western Kentucky averages a combined 4.57, but Western Kentucky ranks No. 193 in basketball PPP. OU also ranks ahead of OSU in total combined PPP with 4.48, but they are No. 2 in football and No. 254 in hoops.

I thought the fairest way to normalize the fact that you are able to score more points per possession in football is to do it by national rankings. And Oklahoma State is No. 1.

OSU has quite literally has had the most efficient (points per possession) offenses in the country in football and basketball this school year.

I refuse to do the same ranking for defense (because I don’t want to know what I find), but this is a pretty sweet achievement for Underwood, Gundy and their assistants.

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