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Oklahoma State Lawsuit of Joe Wickline to Reach Settlement (Probably)

Mike Holder does not bluff.



It’s finally over. Probably.

According to Horns Digest, Texas is going to settle with Oklahoma State for the money OSU is suing Joe Wickline for (nearly $600,000).

Sources told HornsDigest Patti Ohlendorf, Texas’ vice president for legal affairs, has contacted attorneys for Oklahoma State to begin the process of settling a contract dispute lawsuit seeking roughly $600,000 filed by OSU in October 2014 against Texas football offensive assistant Joe Wickline.

The best part?

The suit is expected to be settled for roughly $300,000, according to sources.

Why is that the best part?

Texas could have settled for $250,000 last month. Juice is running, Knish. It appears pretty clear that Mike Holder does not bluff. Get that man this t-shirt.

Honestly, all this does is shine an even brighter light on what a buffoon Steve Patterson was. Louisiana-Lafayette wouldn’t have let something like this linger, but he chose to for reasons that remain inexplicable.



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