#okstate roundup: Better Call Saul?

Written by Kyle Porter

Resume Launch




That’s a big day.



Better Call Saul.


I don’t know what this has to do with OSU but it was funny.




Weird that this is our only win since 2005. 2005!

Really cool pic.


  • CJ

    Uh, our only tournament win was versus Tennessee. We lost the game to GT, that James posted a picture of.

    • T-Bone

      I thought that was GT. They had that tall red headed kid that had a career game against us.

  • D

    I’d say the wrestling tweet is a little premature. Longshot? Yes, but nowhere out of the question. We grabbed the lead in team points for a little while after 4 consecutive wrestlers advanced to the semis.

    • OSU-Bill

      There would have to be a lot of upsets for Penn. St. and Minnesota for this to happen. This squad isn’t as good as last year’s. Frankly, coming in third would be a slight improvement from where they were earlier in the season. Not only did they drop duels with Penn. St. and Minnesota, but also to Iowa, Pitt, and at OU, all of whom it looks like the Cowboys will beat it the team standings.

    • TeaTown Cowboy

      There’s still a chance but we need PSU and Minny wrestlers to lose tomorrow. Slim chance but still a chance!

  • BS Co-founder

    how much of the moneys would you put on the fact that Obama has a situation room full of athletic brainiacs specifically for coming up with the most statistical and probable NCAA bracket? Have you seen Obama throw a baseball? Dude isnt gonna be that good at picking games…

    • 2005 OSU Fan

      I would just like to see him do his job. He can rest and pick games after his term is up. Go work to make the US a better place. Stop being a Celebrity!

      • T-Bone

        Not just picking them but did he spend a lot of time following teams this year? Maybe focus on some important stuff like Russia and Syria and terrorism and people losing their health care and Doctors. He didn’t know about Benghazi or the IRS or NSA spying or Fast & Furious or anything but he knows basketball?

        • Poke

          Republicans are bigger obstacles to progress in this country than our president.