OSU hasn’t won on the road since…

Written by Kyle Porter
Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

I started thinking about the Iowa State game tonight which led me to thinking about getting buzzer-beaten last year which led me to thinking about the football game that shall not be discussed on the blog which led me to wondering how long it’s been since we won a football or basketball game in Ames.

Which led to this, a list of how long it’s been since we last won a road football or basketball game against every other Big 12 team (including the newbies):

OU – 9 years and 18 days
Baylor – 3 years and 4 months
Iowa State – 3 years and 17 days
Kansas State – 2 years and 4 months
Kansas – 32 days
Texas – 25 days
Tech – 21 days
WVU – 11 days
TCU – 7 days

The OU stat is truly unbelievable. We haven’t beaten them in football or basketball in Norman since February 16, 2004. I-Mac had 21 and 6 that game and OSU won 65-52.

The Baylor thing is a scheduling anomaly as our 2011 team would have housed them in Stillwater, Waco, on the moon, wherever.

The Iowa State thing is legit though. Here’s what I wrote after Scott Christopherson ripped our hearts out last year…

Scott Christopherson hits a running, Adam Morrison-like 25-footer for the win and the Iowa State student section starts chanting “just like football!”

I am in hell.

Here’s to a win in Hilton tonight.

  • David

    I guess my decision to never again return to Norman for a sporting event (or anything, if possible) is well-founded, then. How depressing.

  • jetgirl

    F’ing Iowa State

  • dooley

    win this f’n game

  • Doug

    Is anyone willing to hop on board the conspiracy train with me? Hear me out.

    Pomeroy says OSU by 1. Vegas says ISU by 4. It is very rare to see a discrepancy like that. My theory: Vegas knows the refs have been instructed to make darn sure the Cyclones don’t get robbed at home again.

    I’m not actually a nut job, but I’ve got a really bad feeling about this game…

    • I, too, have had a creeping feeling that the Cowboys are going to be the make-up call for the ISU-Kansas game.

      • dooley

        you would have thought the next game at OU should have been the make-up game, but perhaps they want to save it for us on their home floor. It will be interesting to see how they call certain players like Smart because he’s the one that could defy the officials and still help us come out on top.

        Ultimately, I think Vegas is betting the odds. ISU had won what, 23 or 33 in a row at home until KU technically got the “win” against them. It was the longest winning streak of anyone at the time and a tough place to place much like GIA. Generally, you would favor them by a bit.

        Of course, your bad feeling could be true. Man, will I be pissed. Just get Nash off the floor at the end of this one if it is close.

  • I’m glad KU/Refs ripped your hearts out Iowa State.

    Also we beat you in wrestling so there’s that.

  • Nate

    Playing them at a bad time. Despearate team. Have a bad feeling we’re going to be their win that gets them in to the tournament.

  • prich1087

    For some reason I don’t have that feeling about this game (no idea why, bc it is a game that definitely should feel that way), but this game will tell me a lot about how this team can do in the tournament bc I think a team that spreads the floor and can hit 3’s is our biggest weakness.

  • KS1010

    I was sitting here thinking and trying to convince myself that OSU probably plays really well the second time around against teams that beat them, but then I actually went down the list and that is not exactly true.

    VT- no rematch
    Zaga- no rematch
    KState- no rematch…yet
    Baylor- won in OT (at home)
    OU- won in OT (at home)
    Kansas- Won the first there so kinda doesn’t count as a rematch

    Basically I’ve only got 2 games out of 6 to convince myself and it’s not helping much.. Both the “revenge” games we won at home…in OT. And both those games were wins at home much like the Iowa State win was earlier in the year. Soo….basically if that means jacks**t we go on the road to Iowa St. and lost by like 9 or 10 like we did to OU and Baylor.

  • Shark

    The boys have to take it out of the hands of the Big 12 refs.ma