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PFB BlogPoll – Week 2



I introduced the 2011 BlogPoll to you guys last week and below is my week two version.

I have to say it was a lot more difficult to sort through the good wins and bad wins than I though it would be. Is LSU better than Alabama just because they got to play a top-10 ranked Oregon squad and Bama was stuck with Kent St. in Tuscaloosa? I don’t know.

Because of this I tried to use some blend of “you’ve proved it on the field”, “you’re still the best on a neutral field against [team X]”, and “you looked like a top 25 team even though you played a crappy team” just because everyone’s schedule has been so thin thus far.

These things, as most things do, will undoubtedly sort themselves out as the year goes on, I tried to provide a little justification for my picks in the bullets below. As always, let me know in the comments why I’m an idiot.

Obviously the two big winners over the weekend were LSU and Boise State. If you still don’t think Boise is for real, I don’t really know what to tell you. I saw a stat that they’re something like 9-1 against BCS teams in the last few years. They’re one of the five best teams in the country.

I give Oregon a pass because they were facing one of the top two teams in the SEC and their Heisman candidate was wounded which means their running quarterback had to throw it 54 times which probably gave Chip Kelly an ulcer.

OSU slides, partly because I had them too high last week (forgive me, I hadn’t slept in like 3 days), and partly because they didn’t dominate like a top 5 team should have on Saturday night.

Everything else is pretty much the same. A&M moves up because they totaled an SMU squad that I think is pretty solid. It kills me to put Baylor in this but they proved it and are actually probably going to climb to the top 15 before their October meeting with A&M.

Comment away.

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