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PFB Comments of the Week (September 29)



Our comments section was on fire following last weekend’s loss to TCU. There was a lot to talk about following the 44-31 loss to the Horned Frogs. While the loss certainly hurts the Pokes chances at the CFP, there is still hope.

If that wasn’t enough, early Tuesday morning reports broke that OSU Associate Head Coach Lamont Evans was being arrested. Evans has since been fired.

Between the loss to TCU and the arrest of Evans, there were plenty of comments for me to choose from. Lets take a look at the best comments of the week.

1. Good analysis

I’m on the side that our defense lost this game. True that the offense wasn’t hitting on all cylinders like they have been most of the season, but they still scored 31 points and were hardly on the field in the first half. That said, some other things about our offensive game plan I didn’t understand:

1. No Lacy, so where was Tyron Johnson? Did he even play other than returning kickoffs?

2. I don’t understand why we throw deep balls to Ateman. Due to his height he’s a fantastic receiver on outs or running a 10 yard route when we need 8, but I’ve yet to see him catch a deep ball unless he’s wide open and the pass is perfectly on target. We threw 2 deep balls to Ateman in the first half that more than likely would have been caught by Washington or Johnson.

3. In the first half we had at least 3 straight possessions where the play calls were: Run on first down, pass on 2nd down. Each time we ended up with 3rd and 5+ yards … too predictable.

4. The fade pass into the corner of the end zone is extremely predictable as well.

austinpoke on OSU’s offense vs TCU. I agree with this. The offense wasn’t perfect but could have been better. OSU still had 499 yards of offense. No team can expect to give up 44 points every game and still go 12-0.

2. The coin toss

100 percent agree (on taking the ball first when you win the coin toss) … I was screaming at my TV about it from the moment we deferred (well after I found the game on ESPNews) and texting it to my two kids at OSU ALL. GAME. LONG.

Why would you not put your fast starting offense on the field and get the advantage from the very beginning? In a “shootout,” you are potentially trading scores … so getting on the board first and putting the pressure on the opponents defense seems like the best move … especially in the heat of a 2:30 start in September.

Diane Way on OSU electing to start the TCU game on defense. I thought OSU would want to start with the ball as well. My mom texted me in the second and third quarter and asked me what the heck was going on. If she knows its been a weird game, then its definitely been a weird game.

3. Obviously a disappointing game

I think we are still supremely talented and capable of winning out. Just wasn’t our day at the office. That’s the tough spot with CFB in general, you can’t afford an off day. In the NFL, you’d play these guys again and beat them, but that’s not the world we live in. Had a poor day, but I’m still confident in both our team and coaches. One game at a time, Go Pokes!

Zane Feemster on the outlook for the rest of the season. Last season OSU lost two games early in the year. Yet at the end of the season, media outlets were still having the discussion of which teams needed to lose for OSU to get into playoff should they win Bedlam. This team is capable of winning 8 in a row, there’s no need for panic yet.

4. CFP is dead

You’re fooling yourselves if you think OSU still has a shot at the CFP. Our only shot was a perfect record. Only the blue bloods are given any margin for error.

Trigiddy on OSU’s playoff chances. When thinking about our playoff chances, think of the other top teams in the nation. USC and Penn State haven’t exactly looked as dominant as some might have thought. Ohio State lost to OU. Running the table could certainly get OSU in the playoff. Ohio State lost to a 7-6 Virginia Tech team in 2014, and won the CFP as the No. 4 seed that same year. Of course, Ohio State is also a blue blood.

5. Evans’ goals

When a college coach starts caring more about his own personal goals at the expensive of their players its time for that coach to get fired. Lamont Evans has showed his true colors and there should not be job for him at Oklahoma State.

Tbeezy on the Lamont Evans scandal. This much should be obvious.

6. Aaron Rodgers weighs in

R-E-L-A-X. This team wasn’t going 12-0 because no one outside of Bama has a shot to go 12-0. I’m bookmarking this article so that I can come back and laugh at the sky is falling losers above. We’ll have one loss going into OU. If we win that game, Porter will have a “see aren’t you glad we lost early” article out by midnight. All is okay, TCU fumbled 4 times and recovered them all. We lost it 4 times. Lost by 6 (you don’t give up that late TD if you aren’t desperate to force a TO).

Aaron Rodgers on season expectations. I love the”relax” comment. The sky isn’t falling just yet. We played an awful game and were still in the game late. No need for panic yet.


7. There is still hope

I understand that people are concerned that OSU’s season is over, but believe it or not, there is hope. Now I hate using them as an example, but look back on OU’s season in 2015, lost to an unranked absolutely terrible Texas team, then came back to run the table, win the Big 12 and went to the CFP.

If this loss proved anything it wasn’t that OSU won’t get into the CFP, it’s that they have been brought back down to earth, and that they can’t overlook any opponent. This team can win the Big 12, they can get into the CFP, and yes they can win the National Championship.

-Jacob Richardson on CFP hopes.

8. An all-timer

 I called the hotline to inquire as to how Eduardo Najera drove a Lexus while at OU. Waiting to hear back.

Chris on the OSU Basketball recruiting scandal. Let us know if you hear anything back.

9. Some defensive advice

Rush the quarterback and put pressure on receivers! No one can tackle jitter-bugs when you give them 10 yards of space!

Kevin Keck on OSU’s defensive struggles. I couldn’t agree with this more. Of course, OSU needs to improve its secondary, but I’m all for man to man defense. There should always be four pass rushers as well.

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