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PFB Picks: Predictions for Bedlam

Predicting the final Bedlam.



[Devin Wilber/PFB]

The Bedlam game to end all Bedlam games — literally.

Oklahoma State hosts Oklahoma at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in what will be the final meeting for the in-state foes for the foreseeable future as OU leaves OSU and the Big 12 for the SEC after this season. Here is how we see the game playing out.

Marshall Scott

Score: Oklahoma State 34, Oklahoma 31

Game MVP: Ollie Gordon

Uniform: Black (Cursive)-Orange-Black

Thoughts: When I was sitting in the press box in Norman last year and OSU was down 28-0 in the blink of an eye, I told myself I can never pick OSU in this football game again. But here I am.

It’s at the point where Ollie Gordon just seems unstoppable. Pair that with OU looking wobbly and this game being played in what ought to be a hornet’s nest in Boone Pickens Stadium, and I think it’s too much for the Sooners to overcome. If Gordon goes for 200 in an OSU win here, the national hype train is going to go off the rails. Martians might start talking about Gordon.

Kyle Cox

Score: Oklahoma State 37. Oklahoma 33

Game MVP: Ollie Gordon

Uniform: Black (Cursive)-Black-Orange

Thoughts: I can’t believe I’m doing this either, but this just feels like one the Cowboys get done. There’s so much riding on this win for both teams — which doesn’t historically bode well for the Pokes — but I think the Cowboys are still on the rise with the Sooners scrambling a bit. I think OSU meets OU at the right time.

Give me a third straight game of Gordon rushing for 200-plus. I say he puts the Pokes in the driver’s seat to Arlington.

Dekota Gregory

Score: Oklahoma State 38, Oklahoma 34

Game MVP: Ollie Gordon

Uniform: Orange (Brand)-Black-Orange

Thoughts: I’m glad this is most likely the last time I’ll ever have to pick the outcome of a Bedlam. The Cowboys have Ollie Gordon and I just think OSU is the better team right. And that’s exactly why I struggled to pick OSU to win this one. It’s always the hope that kills you. But it’s the last one. And with one to go, the Sooners have won Bedlam 78% of the time, and that’s not including the seven ties. The Pokes at least deserve to get this last one, and something just feels like that’ll happen.

I said last week, or maybe even the week before, Ollie Gordon will continue to be my MVP no matter the opponent or rivalry. Last week, OU made KU’s Devin Neal look like, well, Ollie Gordon. Ollie Gordon becomes a Bedlam legend Saturday afternoon.

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