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PFB Picks: Predictions for Oklahoma State’s Week 4 Matchup against Iowa State

Picking the game, the MVP and the unis.



Despite it being only Week 4, it feels like the Cowboys need a win in Ames this weekend. What could possible go wrong?

Oklahoma State and Iowa State kick off at 3 p.m. Saturday at Jack Trice Stadium. Here is how the PFB staff sees this game playing out.

Marshall Scott

Score: Oklahoma State 17, Iowa State 14

Game MVP: Collin Oliver

Uniform: Black (Pete)-White-Black

Thoughts: Oklahoma State needs a win here, so I see them getting it. It probably won’t be pretty unless both teams magically figured out their offensive deficiencies in a week. I think in a lot of ways, Iowa State’s season got tanked before it started with all the gambling stuff, and I just see OSU having more to fight for right now with how doom and gloom the past week has been. So, give me the Cowboys in a gutsy, find-a-way win in Ames.

Collin Oliver has come into his own as a linebacker the past two weeks. In a game that looks to be a defensive struggle, give me OSU’s best defender as the game’s MVP.

Kyle Cox

Score: Oklahoma State 14, Iowa State 9

Game MVP: Anthony Goodlow

Uniform: Orange (Cursive)-White-Orange

Thoughts: Honestly, I was more excited about my uniform pick than my MVP. But I had to pick someone on defense because I’ve not seen much from either offense to get me too excited.

Goodlow hasn’t made the headlines so far, but he’s quietly been one of the Cowboys’ best additions. He’s OSU’s highest-graded defender per Pro Football Focus. I predict Goodlow to get after Rocco Becht quite a bit on Saturday.

Dekota Gregory

Score: Oklahoma State 13, Iowa State 10

Game MVP: Alex Hale

Uniform: Black (Brand)-White (black numbers)-Black

Thoughts: Last week was bad, but I just can’t fathom this program being doomed enough to lose to an Iowa State team that was gutted right before the season started. This will be ugly, and Cowboy fans still won’t be pleased. But like Week 1 and 2, a win is a win.

I think it’s gonna be the type of game where a kicker is the MVP unless a defensive player comes up with a game-deciding turnover.

On the bright side, we should see the new white unis with black numbers for the first time.

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