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PFB Picks: Predictions for Oklahoma State’s Week 7 Matchup against Kansas

Predicting the score, the MVP and the uniform for OSU’s game with the Jayhawks.



[Devin Wilber/PFB]

After the doom and gloom of back-to-back losses, the Cowboys enter their tilt with the Jayhawks coming off a big win against the reigning Big 12 champs.

Oklahoma State hosts Kansas at 2:30 p.m. Saturday in Boone Pickens Stadium. Here is how the PFB staff sees the game playing out.

Marshall Scott

Score: Kansas 31, Oklahoma State 27

Game MVP: Jason Bean

Uniform: White (Brand)-Orange-White

Thoughts: I’m caught between two minds with this game. On one side, if OSU didn’t have to settle for a field goal just a few times last week, it would have comfortably dominated the defending Big 12 champ. On the other, Kansas State had three turnovers and failed on fourth down three times and still almost beat OSU.

I’m picking the Jayhawks because I’m not totally confident in OSU’s offense keeping up with KU scoring 36 points a game, and Jason Bean looked outstanding against the Pokes last season.

Kyle Cox

Score: Oklahoma State 35, Kansas 31

Game MVP: Alan Bowman

Uniform: Black (Cursive)-Orange-Black

Thoughts: I’m stepping out on a bit of limb with my long straw to take a sip of the orange Kool-Aid, but I think confidence is key and consistency is even more important. The Cowboys gained some of the first last week against Kansas State and for once, they’ll be the team with the consistency at QB.

I’m obviously betting on Bowman to continue to improve and the Pokes’ offensive to take another step forward against the Big 12’s sack-leading defense. I better quit before I completely talk myself out of this pick.

Dekota Gregory

Score: Kansas 27, Oklahoma State 24

Game MVP: Devin Neal

Uniform: Black (Pete)-Orange-Black

Thoughts: Now that the hoopla from OSU beating the reigning Big champ is over, reality has settled in a week later. We have a five-game sample size of this team now, and maybe the most recent performance post-bye week is what’s to come, but I’m still sticking with what we’ve seen the most. I just feel like everything went right for the Cowboys against K-State, and everything went wrong for the Wildcats. That just doesn’t happen all the time. This game is at least close in the end.

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