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PFB Predictions: Our Picks for OSU-Texas

Laying out our predictions for OSU’s Big 12 opener.



The Cowboys will try to extend their record five-game win streak in Austin in primetime Saturday night. Before OSU’s conference opener, the PFB staff got together to and discussed how we see things shaking out in DKR this weekend.

Kyle Porter — Oklahoma State 37 | Texas 33: Listen, I get it. Texas has more talent, more experience, a better QB (for now) and a sold-out DKR. My counter: Your program hasn’t been able to get over the hump against OSU for a decade. Much like Bedlam, it took either horrific years or fluke plays for UT to beat OSU since 2010. I have to see it for real before I pick the other side.

Kyle Boone — Oklahoma State 41 | Texas 14: I’ll be the first to admit I was wrong about Texas. I drank the burnt orange Kool-Aid. And guess what? It tastes a little like 8-5! I think Oklahoma State not only steals a win, but makes a massive statement in Austin.

Kyle Cox — Oklahoma State 38 | Texas 35: I’ve gone back and forth on this. I was leaning UT’s way, but I think I’m going to go with recent history under Gundy. I also think Spencer Sanders bounces back in a big way for his Lone Star homecoming.

Marshall Scott — Oklahoma State 42 | Texas 35: I’m going with my head and not my gut on this one, but OSU has had Texas’ number the past few years and with injuries to Texas secondary, I think the Pokes can do it again.

Seth Duckworth — Oklahoma State 35 | Texas 31: Gut says it’s low scoring.

Who has more TDs, Chuba Hubbard or Tylan Wallace?

Porter: I think Tylan. Texas is going to watch that Tulsa film and put 14 guys in the box to stop 30. Tylan abused them last year at full strength. I see no reason why he won’t take DBU to school at half strength this time around.

Boone: Tylan is the obvious answer here. Texas’ defensive back group is thin due to injury, and I’d be shocked if UT didn’t stack the box to try and take Chuba’s production out.

Cox: I’ll go with Tylan. I think Texas is going to try to stop OSU’s running game first, and its defense has proven to be inept at slowing down passing games. UT is 125th in passing defense and 129th in opponent long passing plays. Tylan might feast.

Scott: I’ll say Chuba gets three and Tylan gets one. (Does math) That leaves two other touchdowns someone will need to pick up to get to my predicted 42.

Duckworth: Tylan. LSU threw all over Texas, I think Tylan has a big game

Who has more passing yards, Spencer Sanders or Sam Ehlinger?

Porter: Ehlinger. Sanders is going to run … a lot. It could be the great X-factor in a way Mason Rudolph couldn’t be when Texas took away Washington in 2017 and somehow stopped Justice Hill with a three-man front.

Boone: Sanders. I think that’s going to be what Texas wants. Texas is going to dare him to throw downfield and beat them with his arm.

Cox: The numbers point to Sam. He’s averaging over 100 yards per game more than Spencer. While I think Spencer’s numbers will improve on Saturday, I’ll give the edge to the veteran.

Scott: With a freshman quarterback in his first Big 12 road game, I think OSU will try to rely on Sanders’ arm as little as possible.

Duckworth: Ehlinger. I think Tylan has more TD’s, but still think OSU runs the ball quite a bit here.

Which team wins the turnover battle?

Porter: Texas. OSU doesn’t create turnovers. More prove-it material for me.

Boone: OSU. They are overdue for a multi-turnover game in a huge spot. Regression finally happens in a huge spot.

Cox: Texas, just slightly. I’ll say either 1-0 or it’s a push. OSU has won the TO battle in just one game since the start of 2018, Boise State 1-0 last year.

Scott: OSU. A.J. Green and OSU’s defense held Collin Johnson to five receptions on 13 targets, and I think with it looking like a shootout, the better secondary will win.

Duckworth: Texas. Veteran quarterback at home vs. a freshman in a tough environment.



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