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Pistols Firing 3.0



Welcome to the as-promised new layout.

Let’s take a quick walk-through before we get back to regularly-schedule programming.

When I decided to redesign the site a few months ago I did so with the following three goals in mind:

1. Make it cleaner and easier to read
2. Give you easier access to more content
3. Focus on making some money

I think I’ve definitely accomplished 1 and 2, but I guess 3 remains to be seen.

I’m excited to run you through all the things that have changed this week (you can keep track with the featured page image you see on your right sidebar) and I think you’re going to love them.

The first one we’ll look at it (and quite possibly my favorite feature) is the responsive layout. Basically what that means is that the site will conform to whatever device you’re viewing it with (see photos below).

If you’re surfing on your iPad, I’ve created a template specifically for you. If you’re browsing on your iPhone, I have you (looking at you, Nate) covered as well. This is something that’s becoming more prevalent on more sites and it’s pretty spectacular.

There’s plenty more to come and I’m about to start hitting the football posts pretty hard (plus I’m launching Sports Reads next week!) so I appreciate your patience as we work through things.

Also, please let me know if anything is buggy on any of your devices and I’ll do my best to fix it, kind of like the relationship between our football defense (screws it up) and our football offense (fixes it).

photo (5)


photo (6)

iPad landscape

photo (7)


photo (8)

iPad portrait

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