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Playing out the schedule: Part III

I finally see OSU losing in its third quarter of the season.



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSI

Part I
Part II

We’re halfway through (as you can see in the posts above) but that was the easy stuff. What is a 6-0 OSU squad going to look like in the second half of what should be an insane Big 12 season.

Let’s take a gander.

Game: at Iowa State
Date: Saturday, October 26

The wound is still fresh (it might always be fresh, honestly). Unless there’s just a complete and utter mental breakdown here I don’t see lightning striking twice (and if it does, somebody else can just have the blog because I’m out).

Prediction: OSU by two TDs
Record: 7-0

Game: at Texas Tech
Date: Saturday, November 2

Look I don’t know which specific games OSU is going to lose but I think they’re going to lose at Texas and then pick one (and maybe two) of at Tech, OU at home, at WVU, and Baylor at home. For the sake of this series I’m taking at Tech.

Kingsbury scares the poo out of me and they’re never not tough in Lubbock (66-6 thrashing notwithstanding). Bump this up to an amber alert if the sun has set by kickoff.

Prediction: Tech by 7
Record: 7-1

Game: Kansas at home
Date: Saturday, November 9

This is going to be a great game between two disciplined and ridiculously talented teams. It’s a game most fans have looked forward to for nearly a year. It will easily be the game of the week, if not year in college athletics.

I think OSU probably has more talent but Kansas easily has the coaching advantage. If Le’Bryan Nash can handle Andrew Wig…..wait, oh, football.

Yeah, no contest.

Prediction: OSU by 25.
Record: 8-1

This is another pretty mediocre stretch of games for OSU which is good because that last quarter of contests (Texas, Baylor, OU) will be a bloodbath.

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