Pokes No. 11 In Coaches Poll, OU Finishes No. 3

Written by Kyle Porter

Oklahoma State finished No. 11 in the final Coaches Poll of the season which is exactly where it finished in the final AP Poll. OU, on the other hand, moved up to No. 3 (!) in the final Coaches Poll while Washington and USC rounded out the top five. I think it’s pretty hilarious that OU finished ahead of Ohio State in both polls even though they finished with the same record.

Here is the full Coaches Poll. The only difference between this and the AP Poll within the top 14 is OU and USC being flipped. It’s weird to think about either of them finishing as the No. 3 team in the nation because of the way they both started, but I suppose a case can be made for both.

Speaking of USC, since 2007 here is their record compared to Oklahoma State’s.

  • USC: 94-37
  • Oklahoma State: 93-37

That’s pretty amazing.

The Cowboys just missed out on their second-ever top 10 finish in the Coaches Poll under Mike Gundy. It’s pretty easy, though, to see them as a top 10 team in the AP, Coaches and possibly even the exit polls at your local precinct come August 2017.

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  • SingingCowboy

    7 beats 14 and moves up 4 spots. 12 beats 10 and moves up 1 spot. The perception is against us.

    • GoPokes

      Until football is a true playoff system in college, we’ll always be subject to this sort of bias.

      • Kevin

        “Bias”….what in OSU being ranked #11 is an indication of bias to you?

        • jmiller583

          Read the post I replied to and there’s your answer.

          • Kevin

            jmiller…..There is bias in voting for sure. But OSU is right where they needed to be in the final rankings. Here are the 3-loss teams ahead of OSU: USC, Penn St, FSU, Wisconsin and Michigan. OSU’s best win is over Colorado. All those other teams have better wins and OSU lost to 2 unranked teams.

      • T-Bone

        Single elimination never tells the true story either.

        • Kevin

          It works out for all levels of football. March Madness seems to be doing ok with single elimination.

  • UrbanCowboy

    Western Michigan loss comes back to bite them in the ass again. I’m sure Coach Gundy has a bonus for a top 10 final ranking. That’s gotta sting.

    • Josh Gilleland

      Central Michigan. A loss to western wouldn’t sting nearly as bad…

      • UrbanCowboy

        DAMMIT! I can’t believe I typed that. I guess Western Michigan was on my mind since I just saw them listed in the poll above.