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Poll Recap: Fans Think Justin Blackmon is Mike Gundy’s Best Wide Receiver



It’s the middle of the football offseason which means it’s time to start ranking things. Two weeks ago, we ranked the best pokes in the pros, Cox settled the 10 most productive NFL players in the Mike Gundy Era, and yesterday Porter ranked Gundy’s best running backs.

This is something that happens every offseason and if you don’t believe me just make a simple Google search.

Porter will continue to rank Mike Gundy’s best players by position groups in the coming weeks, and I’m very interested to see his list of best wideouts.

Here’s what readers had to say about that very topic:

This was the most-responded-to poll we’ve had in awhile. It’s tough to ask an engaging question to an entire fanbase (at least those on Twitter), but everyone seems to have an opinion on this one. Blackmon received 1,127 votes, Dez received 845, and the president only received 589 votes which likely wouldn’t win the electoral.

Here’s some of y’all thoughts:

Mark: There are so many ways to calculate “The best.”
I’m choosing to consider sheer talent as the criteria for “Best.” And therefore I have to go with Dez Bryant. He consistently had highlight reel catches, and genuinely looked like a man among boys.

RyanO: Hands down, it’s Blackmon. IMO, he is on the short list for greatest WR in CFB history.
He was as automatic as they come and as physically dominant as Dez. Any time Weeden needed a play, we and everyone else knew where he was going and no one could stop it. All the evidence you need is the 4th down play in the Fiesta Bowl.
If Blackmon has more success in the NFL, this wouldn’t even be a debate.

Aaron: Dez Bryant was the most gifted athletically. Justin Blackmon was the best overall college receiver. James Washington was the hardest worker and best at tracking deep passes.
Dez gets my vote though. As great as Blackmon and Washington were, there was just something electric about Dez Bryant.

Isiah Smith: I love how no one even had a thought it could be James Washington. Personally, I have to go with Dez. He throws up the X for a reason, X factor. 
Blackmon was a freak, if he would’ve stayed out of trouble. Could’ve potentially been better than Dez at the next level.
James Washington continuously proves me wrong. Yes, he won the biletnikoff. Yes, his stats are crazy. But I just don’t believe he has IT. Whatever IT is. I don’t think he has it.
I love to watch him play. He seems stiff out there? I can’t quite put my finger on it. BUT he’s proved me wrong before and I hope he continues to do so.

Next man up: TJ13 

When I asked myself this question I was thinking strictly college careers so I did not factor in NFL success at all, but some of you did and that’s okay. “Who is the best” is a subjective question that everyone has different criteria for. Justin Blackmon got my vote too, but only because Dez’s career was cut one year short. I know that’s a cop out, but I can live with it.

Final thoughts from Aaron:

Aaron: On a side note: is it just me or is it incredible that we have had this collection of talent to even have this debate? If you’re a top WR recruit in the country why would you not come here? 

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