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Ragusa: Bedlam Memories Include First Bedlam, a Trip to Norman and 2011

“I’ve never set foot inside that stadium for another Bedlam… and I don’t think I ever will.”



When the PFB staff was discussing our Bedlam memories, I realized I don’t really have any before 2007. For those of you who don’t know, and I bring it up way too much so if you read anything I write you probably do, I lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana until my sophomore year of high school. Both of my parents lived in Baton Rouge almost their entire lives and they both attended LSU. We had season tickets, not to brag, and most of my favorite memories growing up were going to games in Death Valley with my parents and two brothers.

Not to make this post into an autobiography, but just to give a little more background, I was planning to attend LSU up until my senior year of high school. I had taken some visits to OSU with friends, and really fell in love with the campus and the overall atmosphere of Stillwater. After several weeks of going back and forth on my decision, I finally decided that Oklahoma State was where I wanted to spend my college years.

You’ll see as we get into my memories, they have a lot to do with the fact that they were some of my first ever Bedlam experiences as a “true” OSU fan.

1. First Bedlam Game

The 2008 Bedlam matchup in Stillwater was not only my first Bedlam game to attend as a student, but it was my first Bedlam game to attend period. Aside from the final outcome, it was a pretty fun first game. The score stayed within 11 points until late in the fourth quarter when the Sooners finally pulled away to win 61-41.

Zac Robinson and Dez Bryant both had solid outings for the Cowboys. Robinson threw for 254 yards and 3 touchdowns while adding 90 yards and 1 touchdown on the ground, and Bryant finished with 91 yards receiving and 2 scores. In addition, Perrish Cox had this huge kick return for a touchdown which put the Pokes within three points of the Sooners with about 10 minutes left to play.

However, Sam Bradford and the Oklahoma offense answered on the next drive and the Cowboys punted and fumbled on their two subsequent possessions, with OU scoring after each and putting the game away.

I walked out of the stadium thinking to myself “we’ll get ’em next year”… what a young, naive OSU fan I was.

2. First Bedlam Game… in Norman

Man oh man! Did this game suck. It was the very next year and my first time attending a game in Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. I decided it would be fun to head down to Norman and meet up with some friends from high school who were attending OU. A couple of them had come to Stillwater the year before and sat with me in the student section, so I returned the favor in 2009.

With a big, stupid smile on my face and a bright, orange t-shirt under my jacket, I walked into that stadium head held high, pistols firing. I knew Zac Robinson was hurt, as he had missed the game before against Colorado, but I still had high hopes for the Pokes. Both teams had to punt on their first two drives, and when OSU got the ball back on their second possession they were forced to punt it away again. That’s when Ryan Broyles did this and turned my goofy smile upside down.

Landry Jones did fumble on the very next play, however, and all hope was restored.

After the Cowboys had to punt it away again, it became evident Robinson was clearly still suffering from injury and there was no way he was going to be productive in this game. Gundy continued to ride with him until the fourth quarter, but at this point the damage was already done and the Cowboys would lose in shut-out fashion 27-0.

I’ve been back to Norman to tailgate and watch this game at friend’s houses or at bars, but I have never set foot inside that stadium for another Bedlam game… and I don’t think I ever will.

3. First Bedlam VICTORY!

There’s only been 18 OSU wins in the history of this in-state rivalry, and two of them have come in my time as a Cowboy fan, so I consider myself pretty lucky. The first one, and best in my opinion, came in Stillwater during the 2011 season. This was the game I had been waiting for.

I had just graduated — because like an idiot I decided I only needed four years of college and didn’t take a victory lap with a super-senior year — but was back in Stillwater for this game. OSU completely dominated from the start. The Pokes scored 24 unanswered points on this 12th ranked Oklahoma squad and I think, at that time, it was one of the best days of my young life.

Oklahoma State destroyed OU with their rushing attack, racking up 278 yards (8.4 yards per carry!!) and 4 touchdowns. Including this powerful run by Jeremy Smith in the third quarter which put the icing on the cake in this Cowboy victory.

After losses in my first four Bedlam games as an OSU fan, this Cowboy victory was a pleasant surprise. It brought back hope that maybe we could win some more in this rivalry. Sadly, this has not been the case as the Pokes have gone 1 – 5 since that fateful night in Stillwater.